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CAFIB official report to owners and breeders of Fila Brasileiro in Brazil and abroad

CAFIB Board meeting held in São Paulo on July 5th, 2014

As is well known in Brazil and abroad, five former CAFIB directors decided to found a new Fila club. They decided it because did not agree with decisions made by the others CAFIB counselors and directors in relation to facts and allegations concerning possible violations of CAFIB regulations, despite CAFIB board, by majority vote, have always respected the Statute of CAFIB.

It all started in practice when, in response to request of an interested party, allegedly called Domingos Lopes, former judge and former president of CAFIB, Fernando Zanetti (from now on Zanetti) analyzed unofficially (i.e. without any validity for registration in CAFIB) a dog based on several photos sent and he not approved such dog by crossbreeding (miscegenation), mainly because such dog have “double chin” and not dewlap well defined. It was a Zanetti`s mistake that every judge should avoid, as directed by CAFIB. A dog should only be analyzed when are physically present in a CAFIB Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament.

Following, the supposed Domingos Lopes, who never identified himself legally, sent to CAFIB this irregular analysis, explaining that the dog analyzed, Tigre de Santa Luzia, was the same that had been distinguished by the former CAFIB judge (Zanetti) with first place in Adult Male Class and Best Exhibition Male at the CAFIB Goiás 15th Exhibition and 94ª CAFIB National Exhibition held on June 9th, 2013 in Goiânia, GO.

Asked by CAFIB to give an explanation for the facts and the complaint, the former judge argued that he was the victim of a "prank" (practical joke) but he knew about that when he wrote and signed this "analysis", and continued the alleged scam, to unmask Domingos Lopes and the alleged co-authors that were harmed in that Exhibition.

He sent an email saying he had information that the plot would have been practiced by the Itanhandu kennel owners, and that would prove that Domingos Lopes was actually a fake profile of the owners of said kennel, which would be triggered by him in Court. Further argued that this kennel was infringing rules and regulations of the Club and demanded the punishment of their owners, although he has not presented any evidence.

During some months, CAFIB board gave a deadline for Zanetti initiate a lawsuit against his alleged detractors and pointed in writing offenses committed by that kennel. With the passage of time and before charging to present concrete evidence of the alleged irregularities and their representation in Court, feeling pressure from the board of the Club, Zanetti resigned in irrevocably.

In sequence, directors Carlos do Amaral Cintra Filho (from now on Caico), Treasurer, and Tênisson de Souza Cavalcante (from now on Tênisson), General Secretary and owner of Tigre de Santa Luzia, the pivot of the complaint, asked their respective resignations, but without turning off the club, and both reported that this current year (2014) would not perform the CAFIB Analyzes and Exhibitions in Amparo-SP and Goiânia-GO.

Later in last June, CAFIB received through a Fila breeder from abroad the information that Zanetti was founding a specialized club in Fila, along with Caico and Tênisson, and the participation of hitherto CAFIB directors: Francisco Fornel, Information Systems (from now on Fornel) and Sabine Schmidt-Gallas, Genealogical Register (from now on Sabine), and the CAFIB member Adriano Pacheco. All today, except Zanetti and Fornel not formalized their CAFIB shutdown.

In parallel, this group withdrew from the internet the old CAFIB website, which was complemented by CAFIB new website, and even preventing members of the board to have access to its contents. At the same time, has launched a website (still "under construction") of the new club, where their initials on a design that uses illegally part of the CAFIB logo.

Over the past months, despite repeated requests on the part of CAFIB directors, this group has postponed the return of all documents, possessions, belongings, collections, copies of the journal O FILA and assets of CAFIB, in addition to the genealogical registers, originals and copies of Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament records, causing serious damage to CAFIB. The withdrawal of the CAFIB internet website has prevented the General Secretariat to issue litter records, pedigrees and previous analyzes which are waiting for digitization. This is more a factor of injury to the CAFIB and also to Fila breeders and owners of Filas who find themselves deprived of the documentation for their dogs. Despite repeated requests, CAFIB also not received the list of members who have paid the annuity of 2014.

CAFIB reserves the right to safeguard their interests, but in recent months has patiently tried to negotiate with these former directors return of all materials belonging to the Club, which was temporarily in trust, under the guardianship of them. However, do not hesitate to go to Court to enforce their rights and rescue all documents remain wrongfully in possession of that group.

CAFIB wants to make clear that it is not against the establishment of an entity that intends to defend and maintain the integrity of the Pure Fila Brasileiro, whether founded by any past director either by owners and breeders with no affiliation to the Club. But CAFIB warns that the new association should seek their own path, with the creation of new methods and practices.

CAFIB will not allow its logo to be totally or partially copied, just as elaborated in the 1978 as well as CAFIB Fila Standard, internationally recognized, and the system of approval and disapproval of dogs analyzed (Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament) with the objective of genetic improvement of the breed, as well as all its forms and rules.

Due to the facts presented, CAFIB warns that will not allow the counselors, directors and judges to duplication of work in both clubs. So those who have joined the new entity must submit his resignation to CAFIB, under penalty of elimination, failure to do so until August 10, 2014. Or turn off the new association. Internationally, CAFIB decided to suspend the affiliation of the Onceiro Club (Czech Republic) led by Jan Kubesa, for inviting Zanetti to judge an upcoming exhibition in that country, rather than a CAFIB judge as previously established, despite having been inform by CAFIB about the resignation from the former judge and director and its decision to initiate the foundation of the new club. Soon this exhibition is no longer part of the Calendar CAFIB 2014.

Over more than three decades, CAFIB (Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro) survived many vicissitudes, the campaigns of opponents and detractors, the so-called "official Cynophilia" (dog-breeding) pressure, both domestic and international. At this difficult time, we have the certainty that we will have the support of Fila breeders and owners, because we do not give up our principles in defense of Fila, which have always guided us in the past 36 years. More than people and their egos, what matters is the Fila Brasileiro. And CAFIB is faithful as the Fila.

Kind Regards,
Board of CAFIB
São Paulo, July 5th, 2014

Detailed Chronology of events narrated in the CAFIB official report dated July 5th, 2014

1) In October 2011 the CAFIB judge Jonas Iacovantuono, in partnership with the Itanhandu kennel, released an excellent visual work with the “CAFIB Fila Standard” and “Disqualifications for Miscegenation” (!__fila-brasileiro-desq). Only Mr. Fernando Zanetti (from now on Zanetti), former CAFIB director and judge, spoke out against this work. So, CAFIB invited Zanetti to prepare an even better similar job. This proposal was accepted by him, but was never developed.

2) Throughout the CAFIB existence of 36 years several CAFIB kennels alternated in winning many awards and our annual championships. Among them: Fazenda Carolina, Aquenta Sol, Engenho Velho, Hisama, Fazenda Malota, Serra Dourada, Parque do Castelo, Jawa, Itapoã, Quatis, Amparo, Santa Luzia, Canil Embaré, Canil do Carlão and Fila Roots. Other kennels have also highlighted: Boa Sorte, Itaipu, Chácara Três Irmãos, Sena Sene, Araguaya, Três Curumins, Fazenda Poço Vermelho, Moinho Velho, Fazenda Santa Paula e Serra da Lagoa. But Ibituruna kennel was until now the only one who won in the same year all CAFIB championships.

Until recently, championships and awards has never bothered CAFIB members and exhibitors. Our expositions and championships have always been a healthy competition, a big meeting among friends in order to improve our squad. In recent years has highlighted the Itanhandu kennel with numerous awards deservedly received inside CAFIB`s show rings.

Therefore, because these deserved achievements, we fear that some CAFIB members, mainly Zanetti, Carlos Amaral Cintra Filho (from now on Caico) and Tênisson de Souza Cavalcante (from now on Tênisson) felt uncomfortable and began to accuse this kennel of irregularities, but never officially mail to CAFIB a complaint accompanied by evidences. CAFIB always respecting its own Regulation for several times requested by email these members to present any evidence. However, nothing was sent to CAFIB. So, it seems to us that was just one attempt to harm and disturb "outside” CAFIB`s show rings this successful Fila kennel.

3) On Jun, 9th. 2013 was held the CAFIB Goiânia (GO) Exhibition where the Fila named Tigre de Santa Luzia was considered by Zanetti, who judge this event, 1st place in Class Adults Males and Tri Brazilian Champion and Great Gold Medal, Zenon do Itanhandu came in 2nd place. It turns out that as of Oct, 9th.2013 CAFIB directors began to receive many emails from Mr. Domingos Lopes showing to us an analysis in writing and signed by Zanetti, accompanied by five photos all also signed by Zanetti, where the same Fila named Tigre de Santa Luzia is considered by Zanetti an "Atypical animal [Fila], clearly showing the existence and insertions from the Neapolitan Mastiff Breed blood and English Mastiff Breed blood..." and also "... [this dog] has dewlap clearly forming "double chin”…". I.e., Zanetti, considered the same Fila named Tigre de Santa Luzia four months after winning the Goiania CAFIB Exhibition as Best Male just amestizo! Zanetti alleged the directors of CAFIB by email that this situation would be a "prank" (practical joke) that he would present the real owner of the email address used in this prank and that would enter on Court against the perpetrators. To our knowledge, Zanetti never presented nor filed a lawsuit.

In email correspondence with the CAFIB board Zanetti never admitted his very serious mistake, much less apologized to his CAFIB teammates for more than 30 years of friendship.

4) During some months in the second half of 2013 Zanetti demanded, even without proof the punishment of the Itanhandu kennel. For the first time in our history a director tried to impose their will on others. CAFIB always voted democratically its questions. CAFIB never had a "boss", even in the time of our late Dr. Paulo Santos Cruz. Each director always had a single vote. Why then with Zanetti would be different because, besides not presenting evidence, accompanied him in his vote only Tênisson and Caico?

5) On the other hand, the day before the CAFIB Guaratinguetá, SP - 2013 Exhibition, our club received some videos where Caico, acting as CAFIB judge, performs various Temperament Test , in which he acts heterogeneously, according to the dog owner under test ("who was holding the dog collar"). And in other video, images shows that he approves dogs from his own breeding or property, despite having a disqualifying reactions in temperament and nervous system.

6) On Nov, 21/13 Zanetti asked for email his irrevocable resignation from CAFIB, despite four directors have request him by email that he stay out just for a period of time. On Dec, 4/13 Caico requested by email his resignation only from CAFIB Treasury. On Feb, 06/14 Tênisson asked by email his resignation only from CAFIB General Secretary. On Jun, 9/13 Mr. Francisco Fornel (from now on Fornel) requested by email his resignation from CAFIB Director of Information Systems. Thus, to date no other director or CAFIB member asked his removal from any position on the board of CAFIB, nor as a judge or member of CAFIB. However, Mrs. Sabine Schmidt-Gallas (from now on Sabine) not resigned as director of the CAFIB Genealogical Registry, despite she had her name already included with this same function in a new Fila club, which we believe is a procedure to be legally examined.

7) During the last five months CAFIB is asking insistently to be returned to us our CAFIB assets and equity, such as: password, ownership and management of our old website ( e, since this website is recorded irregularly in the names of Caico, Tênisson and Fornel; all books, documentation, hundreds of copies of the 42 newspapers O FILA and photos property of CAFIB; accountability and return of any balance in cash belonging to CAFIB and, before the opening of the CAFIB banking account, the managing of CAFIB pay-pal.

8) On Mar, 13/14, as prearranged with Tênisson, our associate sr. Giovani Eder Carvalho residing in Aparecida-SP, fetched the residence of Tênisson located in Goiania - GO, the documents already requested from our Secretariat as well as the two microchip readers. However upon arriving at that place was informed that this documentation was not yet updated and would not be delivered. Just over two weeks after Tênisson sent by Special Mail many documents to our president Luciano Gavião, which are under review. Along with this documentation received there was no CAFIB`s microchip reader or any accounting has been sent. So, CAFIB do not know if Tênisson possibly have some value to be returned to CAFIB.

9) Only on May, 14/14, more than five months after resigning from CAFIB Treasury, Caico deposited in the bank account of our president importance belonging to CAFIB that was in his possession . But until now CAFIB did not receive any accountability from him and also did not receive the relationship of the CAFIB associated who paid annuity.

10) On Jun, 8/14 our old site was taken from the internet without the permission of our board, not even a warning was given. On this occasion, our Director of Informatics was Fornel. Only the next day this director asked by email for his resignation from CAFIB. The withdrawal of our internet website caused us and is causing enormous damage and loss, which will soon have evaluated its legal consequences.

11) On several occasions CAFIB tried by email to arrange a meeting for the return of the CAFIB`s assets and belongings without success. On Jun, 09/14, six months after his resignation from the Treasury Board Caico sent an email to our president asking for an additional 30 days to deliver all documentation and other belongings and assets to CAFIB. Since CAFIB could not wait that long our President Luciano Gavião and our director Pedro Borotti paid a visit to the Caico and Sabine`s workplace in order to try to resolve these pendency with them amicably, that would not undermine CAFIB and that opened the way for a new Fila club to provide their services completely independently from CAFIB.

Unfortunately, nothing has been returned to CAFIB since, in our point of view, neither Caico nor Sabine had the autonomy to do so. On Jun, 26/14 Caicos appeared by surprise at the home of Pedro Borotti handed some documents still subject to the conference by our Secretary, and definitively said no more CAFIB assets and equity would be returned to our Club.

Not even CAFIB informatics management program used in our former website that Caico claims to be owned by Sabine for having been through her initially contracted and paid. But Caico forget that in our Book of Acts is recorded on our meeting held in Amparo (SP), dated Mar, 17/12, that: "Carlos Amaral Cintra Filho (Caico) took the floor stating that the responsibility for CAFIB Genealogical Registry, Sabine Schmidt Gallas, has paid all costs of the site, doing it with great pleasure, but it is not fair. Would be good that the Club take these costs." Besides CAFIB have assumed this expense, Caico also forgets that lies in power and name of CAFIB, thereafter, various monthly charges related with the professional who created this program and for the payment of this service proving the real estate of this program. Therefore, this program is owned by CAFIB, as well as 42 numbers of the “O FILA” CAFIB journal that have been edited and published by our founder, journalist Luis Maciel, and fully paid by some members of CAFIB. Thus, both belong to CAFIB and may not be used for any other club under penalty of law.

12) Thus it is clear that for almost six months the board of CAFIB tried to negotiate patient, honestly and in good faith with the former directors of CAFIB the return of our assets and equity. However, as can be seen by the above narrative, these former directors preferred to buy time in an attempt to stifle and hinder the progress of the work of CAFIB, especially our Secretariat and management of the old website and consequently our new website, which is our main tool of administrative work. Doing this not only caused injury and damage to CAFIB but proved their disaffection and disrespect for Fila Brasileiro, which is undoubtedly the most impaired.

13) The fact that a new club accept, recognize or use the pedigrees, the database, forms, documents, photos, part of our logo and brand, informatics programs, Standard, Regulations and the 10 Commandments that comprise the assets and equity of CAFIB does not mean that CAFIB authorize such use. Much less that CAFIB will not protect these assets and equity, reserving the right to study soon to be taken legal action in defense of CAFIB.

14) We cannot believe that these formers CAFIB directors will deploy an association more "democratic" than the three already existing Fila clubs in Brazil because they did not opted in the past for a better system, although they were presidents of CAFIB for about 15 years and Secretary for about 10 years.

15) CAFIB will continue running normally his work in defense and for the preservation of the Pure Fila Brasileiro and always defending their views with solid arguments, supported by facts, photos, videos, evidence, documentation and emails; but always with respect and education to all Fila breeders. We will not lower the level of our releases.

16) All of the above argument is supported on documents.

17) All members who harmed CAFIB or try to wrongly use of our assets and equity will be invited soon to retire from CAFIB.

18) CAFIB regrets the inconvenience caused by these former directors to our associates, to CAFIB and especially the Fila Brasileiro causing damage and prejudice in order to benefit from the organization of a new club; CAFIB will continued its work in defense of Pure Fila and our practical reaction is already known, as in the two exhibition held this year in Itanhandu, MG and Brasília, DF we have tremendous support from the Fila breeders of all the clubs and reached record of entries and public; so we asked a little understanding and trust, because our Secretariat soon return to normal.

Sorry we have been forced to disclose this OFFICIAL REPORT and CHRONOLOGY, but as all of you could evaluate, we had no other option, since for six months trying to avoid any friction.

Kind Regards,
Board of CAFIB
São Paulo, July 5th, 2014