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Circular Expo Guaratinguetá 2016 - English

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Another great CAFIB success!!!

The Historic Tourist Resort of Guaratinguetá, founded in the 17th century, has traditionally been the stage of the closing of CAFIB’s - Clube de Aprimoramento do Fila Brasileiro (Improvement Club of Fila Brasileiro) annual activities. And, as usual, in the large Exhibition Center of the city (on the banks of the Rodovia Presidente Dutra, km 60), receiving animal shows, the biggest musical shows of the region and also sheltering the International Kart Racing Track of Guaratinguetá - we close our 2016 calendar, on December 4, with the performance of a great event, which included the 103rd National Exhibition of the Fila Brasileiro and the 31st Exhibition of the Fila Brasileiro of Guaratinguetá.

expo guaratinguetá

It was at this same location - a year ago, when we closed our 2015 calendar - that CAFIB, out of the initiative of its Director and Judge, Francisco Peltier de Queiroz, instituted the Cafibra Trophy, named after his former kennel, in order to stimulate the breeding of Filas bearers of today’s rather rare tiger-striped coat. This award, which was renamed Troféu Chico Peltier, is divided into two categories of age, regardless of gender: Best Tiger-Striped less than 1 year old and Best Tiger-Striped more than 1 year old, who were judged by Chico Peltier and Mariana Campbell.

As usual, since 1996, the best of the class, as well as the Best Male, Best Female and Best Head of the exhibition receive the Sebastião Pereira Monteiro Júnior trophy, in honor of the late CAFIB’s Judge who lived in Aparecida and was responsible for having brought from Itanhandu (MG) one of the most important breeders of the breed, the Lion dog, breeding of the legendary João Costa. Once again, Domingos and Emilio, Sebastião’s two sons, were present and handed several awards to the participants. And, from 1997, the specimen chosen as the Best Temperament of the Exhibition awarded the Walter de Souza Novaes Nunes Trophy, also honoring the late founder of Kennel Jawa, which, since the 1980’s, so many important specimens has produced and continues today under the direction of his son Fabiano Gonçalves Nunes, member of CAFIB’s Board of Judges.

expo guaratinguetá

Another innovation created in Guaratinguetá, on the occasion of the 100th National Exhibition of the Fila Brasileiro last year, and adopted again now, was the way to choose the three best classified competitors for the prize Best Temperament of the Exhibition. In addition to the two judges officially responsible for the judgment of show - Luciano Gavião (Descalvado, São Paulo) and Airton Campbell (São Paulo, SP), who judged, respectively, male and female, all other members of the Board of CAFIB’s Judges, present on the premises, also went over the track to evaluate and classify the reactions expressed in the attack test by the eight specimens previously classified specifically for this dispute. In this 103rd National, the following people acted to choose this award, in alphabetical order. Américo Cardoso dos Santos Jr (Vargem Grande Paulista, SP), Fabiano Gonçalves Nunes (Guaratinguetá, SP), Francisco Peltier de Queiroz (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Giovani Éder de Carvalho (Guaratinguetá, SP), Jonas Tadeu Iacovantuono (Guaratinguetá, SP) and Mariana Campbell (São Paulo, SP), thus totaling eight judges.

During the event, a special tribute was also paid to the Founder, First Secretary, Director and CAFIB’s Judge Luiz Antonio Maciel, for the dedicated work that, since 1978, this important journalist and dog enthusiast has been carrying out in favor of the breed. He was the designer, editor and publisher of the newspaper “O Fila”, in addition to having been one of the main people in charge for the preparation of the By-laws and Rules of our entity.

Breeders, exhibitors, in addition to participants and fans were present, from 19 cities of five Brazilian States. Among the people from São Paulo, there were representatives of Aparecida, Atibaia, Caçapava, Descalvado, Guaratinguetá, Jacareí, Juquitiba, Mogi das Cruzes, Monte Mor, Roseira Velha, São Bernardo do Campo, São Carlos, São Paulo and Vargem Grande Paulista; from Minas, we had people from Aiuruoca, Itanhandu and Patrocínio; and we also relied on the presence of people from Goiânia, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. On other occasions, we rewarded the Troféu Fileiro da Estrada to the exhibitor who rode the farthest distance to bring his dogs to the exhibition. In case there were the Troféu Fileiro dos Ares, it would have been given to the doctor and breeder João Nunes, owner of the Kennel Alufam, who, to honor the Guará event, flew to São Paulo coming from Bahia de Todos os Santos. This name – of the biggest Bay in Brazil and second in the world, behind only to the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean - was given, on November 1st (All Saints Day) in 1501, by Florentine cartographer Americo Vespucci (1454 - 1512) - also called Américo Vespúcio in Portuguese-speaking countries, following the custom of those days to name the landforms in homage to the saints of the days when they were identified. The former captaincy of Bahia de Todos os Santos - which later became a province and, finally a State - was the main export port in the Southern Hemisphere. Its strategic importance made the city of São Salvador da Baía de Todos os Santos – founded in 1549 and later known simply as Salvador – to be chosen as the first capital of Brazil.

In the Analysis of Phenotype and Temperament, carried out in the morning, 9 specimens attended and only one was rejected, due to disqualifying reaction in the attack tests. The exhibition was started at 1 pm and Chico Peltier asked for a minute of silence in respect for the more than 70 people - between players, coaches and directors of the Associação Chapecoense de Futebol, in addition to crew and journalists - killed in the plane crash in Medellin, Colombia. In that same tragic place in 1935, also victim of a plane crash, died the great singer of tangos Carlos Gardel, considered one of the most important interpreters of popular music in the world during the first half of the 20th century, whose voice was registered by Unesco in Memory of the World Programme (Programa Memória do Mundo), designed to preserve the documentary heritage of universal interest.

For the performance of an event like this, which closed CAFIB’s activities in 2016, we relied on the aid of a very large number of people, to whom we are very grateful. We record our special thanks to the terceto who acted with efficiency in the Secretary: Cleide Cocito Cardoso dos Santos, Denise Gavião and Mariana Campbell; the experiments Kristian (Guaratinguetá, SP) and Rodrigo (of Atibaia, SP);  Kennel Itanhandu, who provided the trophies; Henriette and Benedito (Pelé), the coffee shop; and Benedito (Bené) José de Lima Neto, for general support.

The main results were:

BEST MALE of the exhibition - Kratos of Itanhandu, of Brenda and Rodrigo Queiroz.

BEST FEMALE of the exhibitionBaiúca do Balacobaco, of  Flávio Pires.

BEST HEAD of the exhibition - Marabá III of Santa Luzia, of Newton Filizola.

BEST TEMPERAMENT of the exhibition - Baiúca do Balacobaco, of Flávio Pires.

And, at the end of the show, as usual, the scores achieved by all competitors were added throughout the year for the closing of the ranking and delivery of prizes to those who stood out the most. This season in 2016 had the following main titles:

expo guaratinguetá

BRAZILIAN CHAMPION - Kratos of Itanhandu.

BRAZILIAN CHAMPION - Baiúca do Balacobaco (who, while repeating the title obtained last year, became Bi-Champion).

BREEDER Of The YEAR - Kennel Itanhandu.

EXHIBITOR OF THE YEAR - Cíntia and Gérson Junqueira de Barros.

TEMPERAMENT OF THE YEAR  - Baiúca do Balacobaco.

MALE BREEDER OF THE YEAR  - Umiri of Itanhandu.

FEMALE BREEDER OF THE YEAR  - Filó do Itanhandu.

The full results will soon be published on CAFIB’s website.

Once again, we close a very successful year and great achievements, always in favor of the genetic improvement of the Fila Brasileiro, wishing everyone an excellent 2017.